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Below, are some reviews and feedback from some of my customers who bought the SmudgeGuard® glove. Please note that I didn't include their names since it's just feedback/comments and not a testimonial. Thanks!


"I have had my intuos 3 for quite some time now but haven't been using it exclusively for one reason: my hand gets sweaty and starts sticking to the tablet surface. I picked up a SmudgeGuard® about a month ago and now I can honestly say that I am getting more enjoyment out of my expensive tool. If any of you have the same problem as me, I highly recommend you pick one or two of these up. These gloves are inexpensive and in my view a complete necessity! I am not trying to sell this product, but just giving some extremely good advice discovered by experience to my fellow animators. Really worth it for all of you Wacom users out there."


"I bought a Wacom Cintiq recently, which is a LCD monitor and tablet combined so you can draw right onto the monitor. I hear it's extraordinary. I mean, the regular tablets are fine too, but I don't like looking up at the monitor while drawing on my desk. So I found a Cintiq video on YouTube where this guy was wearing a partial glove while drawing and thought it was a good idea. Before, I used my old tricks to decrease the problem of friction, like using paper post-its, screen cleaning cloths and even baby powder to keep my sweaty hands and palm from sticking to the plastic tablet surface. But after trying the SmudgeGuard® glove, I found they are far more better. It's a light fabric so it doesn't bother you when you work, it stretches nicely and molds to fit your hand, and most of all, it GLIDES over the surface of my tablet making my strokes flow more smooth and continuous. This is the best accessory for my Wacom!!"


"I definitely don't want to mess up my expensive Wacom tablet screen, so the SmudgeGuard® is an extra precaution to keep my equipment clean, safe and in top form."


"I've tried a few different methods of preventing smudges on my Cintiq. I tried a regular wool glove, but coupled with the heat from the Cintiq, it makes my hand sweat. I tried putting a piece of tissue under my hand, but on top of being annoying and not staying put, it eventually ends up shredding and the little pieces get all over the display. Drawing with my bear hands, it's just as annoying, to constantly wipe the screen down. I'm extremely glad I found your product. Thanks for putting it out there."


"Before, with my Wacom, I used a cloth glove with the index and middle finger cut off (and even before that, I was using a sock with fingers sewed on). I originally passed on the SmudgeGuard® because I wasn't convinced it would be right for me because I usually rest both my pinky and ring finger on the surface. But as I drew more and more, and used my own cut-off glove for drawing, admittedly, my own glove was feeling a little uncomfortable, and then SG crossed my mind. I got lucky with google and found the website again. I figured, I would have to adjust a little, but I decided to give it a shot. Well, it's been about 5 weeks since I purchased the SmudgeGuard® (which I think is ample time to get a feel of it) and I'm really pleased. I've used it on a Wacom tablet multiple times and daily in a sketchbook, and it does exactly what is intended. The problem I had mentioned before, about needing to cover my two fingers proved to be null; even though the ring finger touches the surface, it never really creates friction. Covering just the pinky is fine. Thanks for the great product. I'm glad I gave it a shot this time around. It's far better than I expected."


"I've always used a cotton glove (with the thumb and first 2 fingers cut off) when I draw, to reduce friction and to keep the oil from my hand from getting on the tablet. That works okay, but I'm constantly having to tug on it to keep it from curling up. I also need to keep wiping the loose dust lints from the cut-up seams which gets very annoying. So your simple but very effective SmudgeGuard® is perfect!"


"I'll enjoy my SG, not just for writing, but because my laptop heats up a lot and this would protect my hand, as well as the surface of the computer from the oils on my hand."


"This changed my life on my wacom tablet!!!!!! Fantastic product & seller!!"


"I was glad that someone had actually started manufacturing good quality artists gloves as I had been forced to make my own in the past with less than spectacular results. I am really looking forward to finally being able to work in comfort on my tablet, so thanks for making exactly what I needed!"


"SG helps prevent smudges and scratches on my tablet screen!"


"I discovered your site through a series of Google searches involving the stickiness problem with the Wacom Intuos tablet surface. I couldn't believe there wasn't more discussion about this problem for precision drawing. I had resorted to using different techniques to minimize friction, but it's been frustrating to draw in an unnatural way."


"I didn't feel like making my own glove as yours was a convenient and inexpensive purchase."


"I really appreciate the quality of your product. SmudgeGuard® is as indispensable as my tablet pc. Having smudges on my tablet PC is simply annoying and your product works wonderfully for this use."


"I've been drawing using the Wacom tablets for a couple of years now and I recently bought a tablet pc. Your product seems like a great idea! I've been cutting the fingers off photographer's slide handling gloves for a while, but they don't really last very long (they're made of a really thin cotton). I can't wait to try SG. My tablet pc screen is almost opaque with palm smudges!"


"I spend approximately 8 hours (sometimes more) behind a computer. I'm using a tablet instead of a mouse because there is something wrong with the nerves in my right arm, causing some pain, discomfort and a cold pinky. I think SG would help with the sliding, especially when my hands are sweaty and getting irritated from rubbing against the tablet all day. I actually have a pair of white cotton "nurses" gloves with the tops cut out and that worked ok, but it's impossible to keep it clean and it is very very unattractive to use when others can see it. I hope that the SG will be more comfortable and will take the burden out a bit."


"One thing that bugs me about the Wacom tablet, is that my hand doesn't move smoothly enough across the surface. The friction really sucks. My hand would start to sweat within minutes and that's when the friction begins. In the past, I used the old methods of either placing a paper on the tablet or using cheap white cotton gloves (that I needed to cut up). It didn't even fit me well since it was usually the one-size-fits-all size. But I used those methods only because I had no other choice. But now, after seeing your product, I'm convinced that this is what I've been waiting for."


"I have recently purchased my own tablet and the idea of using a tight-fitting glove like the SG sounds like the thing to do. It will:
1. Protect the tablet during use.
2. Help your hand slide over the screen."


"This product is much needed, especially for artists like me. I had never seen anything like it and I think it's fantastic. I was washing my hands like four times or more and hour when I am drawing, I even had a kind of glove contraption I had cut apart from an old glove I sort of cut up but this is better even though it sort of reminded me of the whole Michael Jackson thing, with the glove and all. But I think it is really cool."


"Great product concept. I am a right handed colored pencil artist, and the smudge has been a real problem for me!"


"I found the SG while looking around at youtube. It was a guy drawing on a Cintiq21ux using this glove to help himself with the friction but it also kept the screen clean from marks made by the hand. I thought I must have one as well. =) I draw a lot since I got this 2D animation software called RETAS HD series. I need the screen to be protected from my right hand when drawing for long periods."


"As the owner of a tablet, I'll be using the glove to keep my screen free of smudges (I'm a little obsessive/compulsive about having a clean laptop screen/tablet)."


"I am a tablet PC user. When I first got a tablet PC, about 3 1/2 years ago, I used one of those wristbands that the tennis players use to keep the palm of my hand off the screen. I got your gloves because I like to support good ideas."


"I have a tablet and the SG was a highly recommended accessory."


"I was excited to read about SG! When writing or drawing, smudging is a big deal and it ruins your work so THANK YOU for creating it, no more lead on my hand!"


"As a left-handed Architect (approaching 40 years old) I've been through it all, including working from the right side of my paper just to avoid smudges!"


"Being a Southpaw myself, I can remember as far back as first grade, getting pencil lead smudges on my left hand, and being jealous of the right-handed kids, who didn't. To this day, as an adult, whenever I write and get smudges, it takes me back to my school days. All I can say is "Why didn't I think of this??" I will be placing an order. Maybe I can be your left-handed distributor."


"Just about every calligraphy book says you need to protect your paper from oils that naturally occur on the hand. So the solution to this is to either use a guard-sheet, or wear something on the hand. Many calligraphers buy crafters gloves, but these are generally difficult to find..this is why I was wearing a sock on my hand. But I'm glad I have the SG now. I recommend it to all calligraphers!"


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