Frequently Asked Questions For SmudgeGuard®


  1. How does SmudgeGuard® work?


  1. SmudgeGuard® works the same way a smock or apron would. It is worn as a shield to protect the side of your hand and pinky from unwanted smudges. As an added benefit, SmudgeGuard® also eliminates the friction between your hand and the surface of your work so that your hand glides easily over paper and tablets.



  1. What is the difference between the SG1 (1-finger glove) and the SG2 (2-finger glove)?


  1. The only difference between the SG1 and the SG2 is that SG1 covers the pinky while the SG2 covers both the ring finger AND the pinky. You see, some people draw by resting only their pinky on the tablet for support while others may rest BOTH their ring finger and the pinky finger. So, it is a personal preference. For instance, if both your ring finger and pinky rests on the tablet or paper while drawing, then you may consider buying the SG2. In this way, your ring finger won't smudge the tablet. The SG2 will also provide more protection against friction and allows your hand to glide easier.



  1. Is the SmudgeGuard® glove compatible with the iPad? I see that it works for Wacom tablets, but have you done any testing with the iPad? I'm hoping it will allow my hand to rest on the iPad while I'm drawing so that I won't make unintentional inputs.  In Sketchbook Pro and other iPad applications, it is very easy to cause accidental strokes with your palm. I've used a larger glove to combat it but would love it if something as sleek as SmudgeGuard® would work too. If it can prevent unintended touch on the screen, this would be great because it would make drawing so much more comfortable on the iPad.   


  1. Unfortunately, the current SG gloves ARE NOT compatible with the iPad at all. The SG glove DOES NOT prevent detection on the iPad. :(

    Please note that some of my other customers bought the SG glove and tested it while sketching on the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. They said it DID NOT prevent accidental strokes with their palm because the material/fabric was not thick enough.

    But cleverly, they have tried two solutions:

    1. They tried slipping in a microfiber cloth, (folded in half) into the side of the glove. The microfiber they used, were those little rectangular shaped cloths that are made to clean eyeglasses. They inserted it into the glove (where the edge of the hand is) and they said it worked! The iPad didn't detect the side of their hand.

    2. Also, one of my other customers said the following:

    "Hi There!

    I saw on your web site that people are asking you if you make a palm rejection glove. I just thought I'd give you a quick tip to pass on to your customers. I have 2 SmudgeGuard gloves for my Wacom Tablet (They are awesome by the way!) and if I put them both on the same hand, they are thick enough to completely reject palm inputs on my iPad3. Just thought you'd wanna know. Thanks!"

    So, even though they said my glove doesn't work alone, they said inserting the microfiber into the SG glove or doubling the SG glove was a far better solution than having nothing on their hand because they hated having to float their hand in the air while drawing. Also, please see the update, in the question below, about the palm rejection glove.

  1. Will you be making a palm rejection SmudgeGuard® glove for iPad users?


  1. Unfortunately, after many attempts to try to make a 100% working palm rejection glove for iPad users, we were unsuccessful. :(  We found that when one material worked for the iPad 3, it did not work for the iPad1 and 2. Different apps had issues as well and with so many variables to consider, we couldn't provide a 100% working glove. So, even though we truly wanted to offer a palm rejection glove, we have decided not to pursue this avenue as we DO NOT want to offer anything less than 100% to our customers. So, we are sincerely sorry that we cannot provide this kind of glove to the market. But we hope that you can understand our position.



  1. Can the SmudgeGuard® glove be worn on either the right hand or the left hand?


  1. Yes, the SmudgeGuard® glove can be worn on either the right hand or the left hand. :)



  1. What does SmudgeGuard® feel like?


  1. SmudgeGuard® is made of 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex. The fabric is similar to swimwear and cycle wear that is soft, smooth and sleek. Nylon and Spandex is used because it is tablet friendly (it WON'T scratch your tablets), it is durable, fits snug to your hand and glides over paper or tablets easily when writing or drawing fast.



  1. How does SmudgeGuard® help prevent smudging on the paper?


  1. Sometimes, when a person writes, their hand will start to perspire. This makes the ink or graphite adhere to the moist skin causing smudges to appear. Then, the perspiration from ones hand (with the smudges) will begin to re-smudge the paper. The sweat will also slow down your writing or drawing because sweaty hands tend to stick to paper. By wearing SmudgeGuard®, it keeps the sweaty hand away from ink or graphite and it will allow your hand to glide over the paper more easily. The outer fabric remains dry making it less likely to re-smudge the paper.

    Also, for artists who ink...when the hand sweats, it not only smears the pencils, but the perspiration will also resist the inks. The sweat or oils will reduce the amount of ink absorbed into the paper and may even cause the ink to smear when the pencils are being erased. So the SmudgeGuard® glove will keep the sweaty hand away from the graphite and paper.



  1. How does SmudgeGuard® help Wacom users?


  1. Wacom users can use SmudgeGuard® as an accessory to eliminate hand friction. The problem begins when the hand starts to sweat. Then, the sweaty hand starts to stick to the tablet making it difficult to move across the surface. By wearing this partial glove, the hand will glide more easily. There will be no more sticking or rubbing against the tablet. No more friction! Drawing will be more accurate, enjoyable and efficient.

    In addition, it keeps the surface of your expensive tablets cleaner! You won't smudge the tablet screen with sweaty, greasy or oily hands anymore.



  1. If I do both pencil artwork AND use a Wacom tablet, should I get 2 gloves for each method of drawing? Would I be getting graphite all over my pen/tablet if I use one glove for both methods?


  1. Yes, if you have more than one method of drawing, we would suggest getting a separate glove for each. It would be a good precaution.



  1. Should SmudgeGuard® be worn snug?


  1. SmudgeGuard® should feel snug and comfortable. But it should not feel tight nor restrictive. If you experience any discomfort, discontinue use immediately. Let us know your concerns and you can exchange it for a bigger size or get a complete refund of the purchase price within 30 days of your order date.



  1. How is the quality?


  1. Please note that the SmudgeGuard® glove is NOT a mass produced item. It is a high quality item that is hand-sewn with the utmost care and precision. Surprisingly, it is more difficult to sew for smaller items than for larger items because it takes more time and attention to sew around the finer details. We also take the time to check each and every glove to make sure it passes the quality control standards. Please take a look at the Sky Blue SmudgeGuards in our picture gallery page. There, you can easily see the quality stitching (with good tight seams).



  1. Is the Sky Blue SmudgeGuard® (shown in the picture gallery) available for purchase?


  1. No, the Sky Blue color is ONLY shown as examples in the picture gallery so that you can easily see the quality stitching and to see how it's sewn. So please kindly note that the Sky Blue SmudgeGuard® will not be available for purchase.



  1. I noticed that the size guide says to place your right hand palm down on the ruler with the index finger against zero inches. But if I am left-handed, shouldn't I measure my left hand?


  1. Yes, you may choose to measure your left hand as well. Most of the time, the left and right hand measure almost the same so we just chose to measure the "right hand" because it's easier to place the right index finger against zero inches of the ruler. But you may choose either your left or right hand to measure.



  1. If I get the wrong size, would it be easy to exchange?


  1. Yes! Just call or email us and we'll take care of it immediately! Please note that your satisfaction is VERY important to us. We will do our very best to serve your needs and to make your experience with us the best.



  1. I would like to pay extra for faster delivery service. Do you provide faster delivery service via Fedex or UPS?


  1. If you would like to pay extra for faster delivery service, that would be no problem at all. However, we only use U.S.P.S. Express Mail Service or U.S.P.S. Priority Mail. If you're interested in these two options, please e-mail us.



  1. Can I wash the the glove? Are there any special care instructions?


  1. Please note that you can certainly wash the glove. For the best results, hand wash with soap and cold water, rinse and air dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron.


    1. DO NOT place the glove into the dryer as this may shrink the glove.

    2. DO NOT ALLOW the glove to touch Velcro. If Velcro sticks to the Nylon/Spandex material of the glove, it will create an ugly looking fuzz when you pull the Velcro off the glove.



  1. Do you deliver to APO addresses?


  1. Yes! We certainly DO deliver to APO addresses! =)



  1. Can I order by telephone?


  1. At this time, we can only process your order via mail order or via PayPal.



  1. Can SmudgeGuard® be used to eliminate charcoal smudges from my paper drawings?


  1. SmudgeGuard® was not designed to eliminate charcoal smudges on your paper drawings. The SG can only eliminate pen ink and graphite from #2 pencils (off of the hand). So please continue to use caution when drawing on paper with charcoal.



  1. Once I place an order, will I get any kind of confirmation?


  1. Yes! Once you place your order, we will send you an email confirmation. So please kindly make sure your email address on your PayPal account is up to date.



  1. Is SmudgeGuard® available at any other online store, school bookstore, or a retail store?


  1. Yes! SmudgeGuard® is also available at the following AUTHORIZED online stores/school bookstore:

    1. Wacom Australia at

    2. College for Creative Studies - School Bookstore of Detroit, MI

    3. in New York, NY at

    4. in The United Kingdom at

    5. in The Netherlands at

    6. in Belgium at

    7. Wacom Europe at

    8. Didecaf - in Spain at

    9. Cockermouth Art & Craft in the United Kingdom at

    10. in Spain at

    11. Schopman Animation Supplies in Belgium at

    12. in Vancouver, WA and Portland OR at

    13. in Russia at

    14. KSK Dystrybucja sp. z o.o. in Poland at

    15. KSK Dystrybucja sp. z o.o. in Poland at

    16. at

    17. at

    18. at


    As for a retail store, SmudgeGuard® is only available at Cockermouth Art & Craft in the UK. If you would like to see your local retailer carry SmudgeGuards®, please request it! With your kind help, the retailers might just consider stocking SmudgeGuard®! Thanks! =)



  1. I love the SmudgeGuard® and I'd be happy to help you promote it. How may I help?


  1. I'm truly touched by all the generous and kind offers of help! Thank you so much for asking! =)  I'm not too sure of how to promote, but here's a list below, of what some of my customers have done in the past to help...

    1. Add the SmudgeGuard® link or banner to your website, blog or personal site.
    2. Create a YouTube - "How to" video wearing the SG.
    3. Suggest or talk about SG in forums or groups that you belong to.
    4. Create more awareness about SmudgeGuard® by spreading the word to all your friends, family, teachers and colleagues.
    5. Suggest it to your School Bookstore! Actually, one customer of mine, showed the SG glove to their school bookstore manager and within minutes, decided it would be a helpful addition to their art students. So maybe, if you show it to your own school store, they would consider ordering SG's too! =D

    Thanks so much for all your great support! I REALLY appreciate it! Sincerely, Jeannie Lit



  1. If I have a YouTube video (wearing the SmudgeGuard®), would you like to see it?


  1. OF COURSE! We would love to see ALL of our cool customer's YouTube videos! NO DOUBT! =)

    So if you have a YouTube video showcasing your beautiful artwork along with the SmudgeGuard®, please let us know and we might even showcase your video here on our site too!

    Also, if you have pictures of yourselves wearing the SmudgeGuard®, drawing on your paper or tablets, we would love to see pictures of that too! If you're not shy, we could even post it up onto our site as well! So just send it on over by email! =)




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